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Acupuncture is now widely used by physiotherapists as an effective adjunct to the established treatment techniques used to reduce and resolve musculo-skeletal pain.

Chinese Approach
Dating back 3,500 years, acupuncture is based on the traditional Chinese medicine view that the health of the body is dependent on the opposite, but complementary forces, Yin (negative) and Yang (positive) being in balance, with Qi (energy) flowing freely through channels within the body.

When an injury or disease is present the energy stagnates causing an imbalance of yin and yang. The stimulation of relevant acupuncture points along the channels of energy unblocks this stagnation, allowing the body to heal itself.

Western Approach/Dry Needling
Dry needling is where an acupuncture needle is applied to reduce the pain and muscle tightness caused by trigger points (knots) within muscles. This method is often more comfortable than using deep tissue massage to break down the toxins that collect within a muscle.

What Does It Do?
Research has shown that 70% of people gain pain relief with acupuncture. It has been shown to stimulate the brain to produce natural pain relieving chemicals – endorphin and serotonin. As well as reduce muscle spasm and trigger points.
It has concluded that acupuncture can relieve the acute and chronic musculo-skeletal pain of: headaches, migraine, chronic muscle strains, sports injuries, joint pain – especially neck, back, knee and elbow.

The needles are extremely fine and nothing like that of an injection needle. The needles used at GX physio are sterile single use only. They are applied by a guide tube ensuring the needle does not come into contact with anything other than the patient. They are disposed of in a sharps bin which is collected and then incinerated.

Does It hurt?
When inserted the needle ca give rise to a sensation which people mostly describe as a temporary mild discomfort at the most. The optimum effect is to achieve ‘De Qi’ where a warm ache is felt. This indicates the movement of energy at the acupuncture point.

The physiotherapists at GX physio are members of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) and are bound by a strict code of conduct and practice. For more information go to

They use both traditional Chinese and western methods of acupuncture depending on the condition a patient presents with and which they feel will be most effective. Often a combination of the two are used during a course of treatment.
They are not qualified to treat such conditions as infertility, allergies, addictions.






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